I would like to introduce you to Keystone Traditional Masonry Inc., a business specializing in traditional stone and brick work. Established in 1994, Keystone has earned itself a reputation as a knowledgeable and respected masonry company that provides quality workmanship which will last for generations.

We work primarily with traditional materials such as brick, limestone, sandstone and granite. Our skills include mortar colour matching, chimney repair, repointing with Heritage mortar mixes, stone and brick replacement, crack repair, and stone carving. An understanding of how Heritage buildings were built and what problems often arise, allows us to not only repair symptoms but instead to often solve problems so that they will not occur again.

Keystone Traditional Masonry has worked on many significant restoration projects such as the restoration of the Governor General’s Residence at Rideau Hall, the Ottawa City Hall Heritage Building, the masonry restoration of the Nativity Cocathedrale and many other well known historic properties and churches.

Some of our specialized training includes Honors Diplomas in Heritage and Traditional Stone Masonry from Algonquin College, Brick & Stone Mason Red Seal Certification from the Ontario Masonry Training Centre, Cintec Anchor certified training, Association for Preservation Technology Training Courses, and several Restoration Mortar Certifications.

Keystone Traditional Masonry Inc. is, however, not only a masonry restoration company. We have also learned to use our skills in new construction. By applying time tested techniques and materials in this field we are able to create new fireplaces, chimneys, and homes that have the desired authentic look and quality.

At Keystone Masonry, we believe not only in quality workmanship but also in making our work affordable. If you are considering doing restoration work or would like to build your own piece of history, please give us the opportunity to submit a competitive tender.